New phone number Carrier 24h Assistance

CarrierTransicold informs all its customers that from 02.01.2015, the phone number corresponding to the service Carrier 24h Assistance changes. So far used number 00498945220279 is invalid, the new number that you can choose if you want to use the service network Carrier is 003211879100. When dialing the old number customers will be automatically transferred to the new number, it will be possible to 31 / 03/2015. After that date to 30/09/2015 in raising the old number will be recorded message informing change numbers. In order to improve the service of 01.02.2015 number 003 211 879 100, will be responsible employee CarrierTransicold.
Thank you for your understanding.

Eurorent & Carrier wish you a successful new year 2015.