SUPRA 850U is the ideal unit for vehicles with high cabins, draw-bar trailers with limited space or vehicles with low boxes that may be used for city distribution.

  • Highly resistant to humidity, pollution and dust meaning you can carry out your business in complete confidence
  • Exceptional reliability and performance that ensures you enhanced product protection and low operation costs
  • Low-noise operation so that you can operate at all hours even in noise-sensitive areas
  • User-friendly EasyCOLD® microprocessor control for a unit that is simple to operate
  • A new generation extra-flat evaporator to give you optimized loading capacity

technical data

T Model

  • HFC R404A refrigerant
  • 719 cc Tri-Vortex diesel engine
  • 05K4 4-cylinder compressor
  • Standby motor
  • Remote plug
  • Ultra low-noise sound control system
  • Automatic hot gas heating and defrost system
  • Manual defrost
  • Directly accessible oil & coolant gauges
  • Two sight glasses to monitor refrigerant level
  • Dry air, fuel and remote oil filters
  • Poly-V Flexonic® belts
  • Pre-installed accessory package (electric fuel pump, fuel lines, battery cables)
  • EasyCOLD®

Microprocessor control system:

  • Automatic Start/Stop
  • Visual displays for : cooling - heating -defrost - auto-start - temperature
  • Programmable defrost interval
  • Battery voltage indicator
  • Automatic diesel restart
  • Cab command with: Automatic pre-trip unit check function -
  • Back-lit Cab command display and keys to set and programme the microprocessor parameters
  • Safety devices
  • Standby motor overload protection
  • Standby motor short cycle protection
  • High coolant temperature protection
  • Low engine oil protection
  • Low and high refrigerant pressure protection
  • Receiver tank pressure relief valve


2925 m3/h

Cooling capacity at 0°C

7525 W

Cooling capacity at -20°C

4685 W

additional equipment

  • Supply air sensor to avoid top freezing
  • Battery
  • Battery box
  • Fuel tank 90 or 200 l
  • Automatic phase reverser
  • Fuel heater
  • Single compartment control panel & cable extension
  • Airport installation kit option (upon request)
  • External watertight box for cab command