VECTOR 1850 E provides a powerful, low noise solution for cold storage temperature control, bringing all the advantages of our exclusive VECTOR technology.The generated efficiency increases your bottom-line whilst also reducing environmental impact. This is the Eco-responsibility concept by Carrier.

  • Cold Chain respect

Unparalleled pulldown & temperature control. Complete range of traceability solution

  • Care for environment

Best refrigerant containment. High component recyclability (94%)

  • Cost of ownership

Elimination of belts, clutches & shaft seal. High residual value

technical data

  • HFC R 404 A refrigerant
  • Semi-hermetic compressor 670 cc
  • Electrical heating and defrost system
  • Door switch
  • Automatic phase reverser 400/3/50 Hz
  • Return and supply air sensors
  • LogiCOLD microprocessor control system


4 400 m3/h

Capacity at 0°C/+30°C

15 000 W

Capacity at -20°C/+30°C

8 500 W

additional equipment

  • Additional temperature sensors
  • Control panel
  • 12V & 24V tail lift battery charger
  • PCMCIA flash card (for microprocessor upgrading and data downloading)