Optimum performance for superior cargo protection. Superior cooling capacity. Extremely high airflow. High capacity hot gas heating (T model only).Unrivalled temperature recovery for urban distribution. Light condenser design with rounded shapes that increase safety and aesthetics. Extra-flat evaporator allows loading up to 200mm from the top.Rapid installation and easy servicing for reduced life-cycle cost. Easy installation on any type of delivery vehicle. Extra flat evaporator. Microprocessor control and cab command make operation easier and safer. 4-digit cab command developed exclusively for the XARIOS range.

technical data

S model

  • Refrigerant HFC R404a
  • Multifunction cab command
  • Extra-flat evaporator
  • Hot gas defrost system
  • Road & Standby operation hourmeters
  • Operation on 12VDC or 24VDC vehicles
  • Liquid injection for high ambients
  • Road or Road & Standby operation
  • Remote plug (Road & Standby version)
  • Single or 3-phase operation

T model: Extra features

  • High capacity hot gas heating system


1 540 m3/h

Capacity at -20°/+30°C

1 900W

Capacity at 0°/+30°C

3 300W

additional equipment

  • Road compressor mounting kit
  • Road compressor
  • Electrical kit from 400/3/50 to 230/3/50
  • Drain water heater for deep frozen application